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“How to deliver a Great TED talk” by Akash Karia

how_to_deliver_a_grat_ted_talk-akash_kariaI am quite interested in communication. It is essential in the development of the professional career. You not only must be a specialist in the area in which you work, but also you must be able to explain the results of that work. It is quite significant in finance, where we use a “language” which is not understood by all the receivers in the Company. Therefore, we have to make an extra effort if we want that our message reaches the audience.

Presentations are more than important in finance. Quite usually the figures of the Company have to be explained to the Directors, members of the Boards, Unions representatives…Placing the facts in a friendly way is not enough, you have to “sell” the presentation. Or, better said, the audience has to buy it.

This time was the turn of Akash Karia’s book. It is short and I downloaded it for free. I have to recognize that I was attracted by its title. I really love many TED talks, and the idea of analyzing them (or some of them) makes sense for a book which intends to provide advice on public speaking.

My impression after reading the book is that the author has some good tricks on communication and he uses TED speeches to support them. The main points are as follows:

  • ·         One simple and core message: what is the one single thing you want the audience to remember?
  • ·         Tell a story.
  • ·         Attention-grabbing opening: avoid the three main mistakes.
  • ·         Clear conclusion.
  • ·         Clear call to action: sell the benefits.
  • ·         Build an emotional connection with the audience.

Throughout the book we are illustrated with some techniques which will help us to release a reliable speech based on the pillars mentioned above. I find some of these techniques helpful and practical, such as the ones related to the opening or story building; some others like the sensory inputs reference, I just found not realistic or difficult to apply. But I really agree with the last piece of advice: rehearse the speech as a way to feel more confident.

There are two aspects that the author should have cared more: on the one hand, the text should have been carefully reviewed in order to avoid typing mistakes. On the other hand, when a research or statistic is mentioned, it should be indicated the source.

  This is an easy-to-read handbook which essence is similar to the one of other books on communication that I have read. It can help to start.

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