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Open learning: free education

open-eduI have to recognize that I love to learn and to study new subjects, or just update my knowledge on my professional skills. I am, therefore, interested on the way we follow to gain those skills. When graduate degree is achieved, we tend to complete a postgraduate program such as a specific master or a MBA. They normally are expensive, and we consider them as a future investment.

After some years working, we consider that it is time to recycle ourselves. The main option is an executive education program which allows us to combine both work and study. But those courses are also expensive, and we normally don’t make a positive decision unless the Company we work for pays it or part of it.

When we finish this studying process (I have just described mine), we focus on short courses about subjects we use every day at work.  It is as if there weren’t other tracks to improve and learn.

But, fortunately, nowadays there are many free options. I knew about some, but after digging a bit I have discovered that there is a wide variety of open learning options.

The IE Business School, where I attended an executive education program last year, has open multimedia resources available for anyone. It is a simple way to practice on a certain topic. Other two powerful sites, which are somehow related, are the Open Course Ware of the MIT and the Edx place. Both websites allow the access to high quality courses from leading universities. Not only that, in Edx you are able to take an examination, and you can get a certificate.

Other free programs are available in Coursera, Udemy and Khan Academy. There are plenty of courses taught by leading experts. There are many other places which can help to improve our knowledge; we just need to look for them. I recommend checking the information provided in this site.

We can continue studying without expending a lot of money.

Why a blog?

Someone may say that a blog that needs to be explained by his owner doesn’t worth reading. And that is true. However the aim of this post is not to defend or to explain the site’s existence, but to give some clues on the reasons why I decided to write it, and which are my targets.

Firstly, I would like to comment that this place is the answer to my passion for Business and everything related to them. And I am not just talking about those subjects studied in Business Schools such as Marketing, Finance, Economy… Of course, those are important but I think that there are many others like People, on which we should focus more than Companies do nowadays. In fact, what companies are is made by their employees and their performance: shouldn’t we invest time and efforts in understanding and improving the Human Resources? My definite answer is yes.

I am also interested in the innovations which come up everyday and that can be applied in business management. Trying to be informed of those novelties forces me to study and learn. One never stops studying, but when it is done with emotion the result can be satisfying.

As I have said, being informed is extremely important today. Therefore, this place intends to be a way for releasing news and analyses. It will represent an incentive for searching and putting forward attracting subjects to comment and discuss.

In the end, this is not going to be a specialized blog (a mistake, maybe :)), but a place open to a large variety of topics related to Companies. On the other hand and thinking globally, it will be bilingual with posts in English and Spanish. This last one is my mother tongue, so it will represent a challenge to write in English. My apologies in advance for the mistakes.

One last thing: I would be more than grateful with other’s participation. Proposals, constructive criticisms, collaborations, comments… from anyone who has something interesting to say are welcome. And I expect them!

Welcome on board!

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